Monday, March 28, 2011

Volume 6, Number 4: Diet Soda Reviews, Part IV

Gosh, two months without a blog entry? I guess I've just been really busy, especially with a draft in a fantasy baseball league I run. Anyway, I've been drinking a few different diet sodas over that time, and here are my reviews of each one:

Diet Coke with Lime: More than seven months ago, when I began reviewing diet sodas, I gave Diet Coke a scathing review, but it was terribly biased, based on the experience I had with it when I was a kid. Recently, however, I was at a restaurant where the only diet soda available was Diet Coke, so I ordered one. And you know what? It didn't taste bad at all. Maybe drinking other diet sodas has had that effect on me. So I figured, if Diet Coke tastes OK, I'll give Diet Coke with Lime a try (because there is no Coke Lime Zero). Guess what--the lime flavoring actually made this chug-worthy and a serious contender for the Diet Soda Federation Inter-cola-nental Championship. Thumbs up.
Sam's Choice (Walmart) Diet Root Beer: Thumbs down--this crap gives root beer a bad name
Diet Citrus Blast (new from the makers of Pepsi): formula similar to Diet Squirt but I like Diet Squirt better): On the fence (it's OK but I like Diet Squirt a lot better)
Diet Ruby Red Squirt: Thumbs Up (I would have tried this sooner if it wasn't so hard to find)
Fanta Zero (orange soda): On the fence. It's better than Diet Orange Crush, but it just doesn't measure up to Diet Sunkist.

After seven months, here are the diet sodas I swear by (meaning I'd buy them again and again, and I wish they were available at restaurants):
Colas: Coke Vanilla Zero, Coke Cherry Zero, Diet Coke with Lime, Pepsi Max
Orange: Diet Sunkist
Root Beer: Diet A&W
Ginger Ale: Diet Canada Dry
Lemon-lime: Sprite Zero (note: I haven't tried Diet 7-Up or Diet Sierra Mist yet)
Other citrus: Diet Squirt, Diet Ruby Red Squirt, Fresca, Diet Faygo 60/40
Cream soda: Diet A&W Cream Soda
Others: Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper Cherry