Friday, September 18, 2015

Volume 10, Number 1: WhatIwouldadone, #2 in a series: The 49ers' Black Alternates

Gosh, has it been over a year since my last blog entry?

Wow.  I've really been occupied for a while.

Anyway, I wanted to do my own take on the black alternate unis that the San Francisco 49ers wore this past Monday night.  Here's what they wore:

Three things I dislike about them:

  • Same color jersey and pants (I call them "unitards")
  • As Paul Lukas pointed out (see point #4 in his article), they should have more gold in them for two reasons (Super Bowl 50, and gold is one of the Niners' primary colors to begin with).
  • Finally, so long as you're going to use black, why not pay tribute to the throwbacks the Niners used in 1994 (which, incidentally, is the last year they've won the Super Bowl)?  They had some black in them (black stripes on the pants, and the numerals had black drop shadows).

To that end, I offer this take:

The drop-shadow numerals and the stripes on the jersey sleeves and socks are meant to be tributes to the '94 throwbacks.
The pants are the same gold ones they wear all the time anyway--that's a few dozen less pairs of pants for the equipment manager to worry about.

I seriously considered replacing the white stripes on the helmets and pants with black, I really did.  I decided against this because it would cause confusion for players and equipment managers alike.

I'm also aware that these may look a bit too much like the Oakland Raiders' and/or New Orleans Saints' unis.  That was one more reason for the drop-shadows on the numerals and the stripes on the socks, not only as tributes to the '94 throwbacks, but to make them look a bit less like those other teams.

OK, that's all for now.  See you next time!