Thursday, July 1, 2010

Volume 5, Number 17: Kielbasa Frittata

In an effort to expand my limited recipe repertoire past "chef salads," "grilled cheese," "BLT sandwiches," "that slow-cooked kielbasa/potatoes/sauerkraut dish," "potato latkes," "throwing pieces of meat on a George Foreman grill" and "chimichitos," tonight I am going to cook a kielbasa frittata, as per this recipe. (FYI I'm leaving out the caraway seeds--I hate those--but otherwise will not be altering the recipe.) The whole started when I thought "kielbasa frittata" sounded funny and it got me wondering if it actually existed.

Now, on to miscellaneous bits and pieces I'd like to share:
  • So long as I began with food, I need to add two more items to "Foods I Miss": Chef Boyardee Canneloni and Chef Boyardee Meat Tortellini. I realize that, under ConAgra's iron fist ownership, the Chef Boyardee brand has been repositioned more towards appealing to kids, but simply put, the products they've added towards that end (forkables, twistaroni) are not nearly as good as those discontinued products. Besides, making silly-shaped pasta isn't the only way to make canned pasta appealing to kids. Kids like to try new things! Chef Boyardee is how I discovered canneloni and tortellini in the first place!
  • I'd like to see bad movies take a stab at quoting negative reviews for promotional purposes. That way, when people who like good and great movies (and check out, a web site that has saved me from wasting money on seeing bad films a few times) find out that The Last Airbender is a piece of crap, and don't come to see it, the studio that produced the film (in this case, Paramount) can then cut its losses by deliberately re-marketing it to people who actually get gratification from watching crappy movies. A TV ad for The Last Airbender could thus go like this:
Four nations discover a common destiny in...

A soul-crushing disaster." - Todd Gilchrist, Cinematical
A new low point in M. Night Shyamalan's crumbling career." - Mark Dujsik, Sci-Fi Movie Page
See why The Last Airbender "
makes The Golden Compass look like a four-star classic." - Ty Burr of the Boston Globe
Don't miss "
The most well-rounded failure of the year so far" - Neil Miller, Film School Rejects

  • David Tennant wore this really awesome "muscle torso" T-shirt (shown above) in the 2009 Royal Shakespeare production of Hamlet. Anyone know where in the US I can get a shirt just like it? (And I mean EXACTLY like it--same color, same "muscle pattern," and yes, I've already looked on eBay!)
  • Here's a great promotional giveaway idea for baseball games: Foreign Legion-style hats (an example of which is shown here). The big flap on the back offers great sun protection for your neck--and also gives a big space for the people giving them away to put a big advertisement on the back!
  • Why can't anyone design office chairs that are more like the bucket seats in cars? I keep imagining such chairs would be more comfortable.
  • Can't we have a rear car horn to honk back at any schmuck honking at us (or, for that matter, any idiot who swoops into my blind spot right when I'm about to change lanes)?
  • If you like new wave/punk rock/alternative rock from the '80s, check out KROQ-HD2. It's a re-creation of the mix of music KROQ played in the '80s (which, in turn, is a lot like the music WABX played in '82 and '83, which is where my fondness for new wave music stems from).

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