Saturday, June 25, 2011

Volume 6, Number 10: Assorted Idle Thoughts

If adversity is the mother of invention, then desperation must be the father.

Has anyone asked a "where" question on Jeopardy!? By that, I mean, whenever I watch that show, I've noticed that every answer on that show is responded to by a "Who is..." or a "What is..." question. I've never heard anyone use a "Where..." question, like "The answer is: 'This state is bordered by Canada to the north and Idaho to the west'" and a contestant responds, "Where is Montana?"

Why in the heck do Iowa and New Hampshire dictate what happens in every U.S. Presidential campaign? At the very least, the states in the primary/caucus system should be shuffled (never mind that I would prefer to trash that whole system in favor of a national primary--the primary/caucus system dates back to the 19th century, when the fastest way to send and receive information was by telegraph, and railroad trains were the fastest way to travel).

The names of those Vietnam veterans who died from Agent Orange exposure should be on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It's the same thing as dying from friendly fire, isn't it?

You know how some designer eyeglasses come with optional "clip-on" sunglasses? Are any eyeglass designers doing something similar with 3-D, making 3-D clip-ons that match the frame so I wouldn't have to use these? (I'd rather have the former--if it exists--because I imagine that, if you were to see a 3-D movie with the latter, the clip would get in the way, diminishing my enjoyment of the 3-D movie.)

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