Saturday, June 16, 2012

Volume 7, Number 9: Onward and Upward, Part II

Holy crap!

I had thought that there would be some sort of poll set up to determine favorite entries in the recent Astros Uniform Design Contest first, but actually, Paul Lukas (head of Uni-Watch) picked his "five best" entries--out of about eight dozen--earlier this week and posted them here on June 14.

I was absolutely stunned. I knew deep down that my design kicked ass, but didn't know just how much ass it would kick.  To get such a distinction from such a longtime uniform connoisseur as Paul, that is a heck of an honor.

Here's what Paul had to say about my entry:
"Most of the design submissions included some version of the Astros' old tequila sunrise rainbow striping, but only Rabinowitz came up with the idea of restricting it to piping and trim. It's a clever approach, and it totally works -- a good visual reference to the team's past without being a slavish re-creation. The rainbow-outlined star logo is nice, too. Let's hope the team's real uniform for next year turns out to be half this good."
It got me thinking... I need to design more unis in my spare time, just to build a reputation for what I stand for in my designs... a balance of tradition and progress... clean, structured, clutter-free designs... and most of all, when I design something, I want something that will stand the test of time--I couldn't care less about what's "in" at the moment--so that when there's a change in the team's ownership or management, they won't be as interested in overhauling the uniforms as they should be in fixing the team.

(Note: The entries were listed in the alphabetical order of the designer's first name, so my being #3 doesn't mean I was Paul's third choice, just that "Mark" is third in that particular order.)

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