Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 1, Number 10: Holy Cow! Dems Win! Dems Win!

(You guessed it: It's another re-posting of a 2006 GeoCities blog entry. Yahoo! sucks. Enough said.)

Last night's election results were, for the most part, the best I've seen since I began voting in 1990--certainly the best since Clinton was elected President.

Jennifer Granholm is the Governor for four more years, and what's better, starting in January, the State House of Representatives will be under Democratic control, so she won't have nearly as much difficulty bringing sorely needed change to the state as she had in her first four years. The Dems also made gains in the State Senate, although that still has a GOP majority.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the Dems scored a stunning victory, as the House of Representatives will be under their control come January, and in all likelihood, also the Senate. Rep. Sander Levin and Sen. Debbie Stabenow were both re-elected.

Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down as Secretary of Defense. That's one more benefit of the Dems taking over Congress; I doubt Rumsfeld would have stepped down had the GOP maintained control of both houses.

The Democratic sweep even covered races for the U-M Board of Regents, the MSU Board of Trustees and the WSU Board of Governors (although this means George Perles will be an MSU Trustee--ugh).

Funniest song I've heard all year: Shit Bomb by a metal band called Musically Insane. The whole first verse of the song is dedicated to various euphemisms for defecation, and while they could have taken the concept a lot further (two more verses with eight more euphemisms), just the first minute and a half of the song had me laughing so hard that I almost busted my gut. Especially that second euphemism--I've never heard that one before. And the juxtaposition of head-banging heavy metal music with toilet humor--that makes it even more hilarious. It would not have been nearly as funny had it been a pop or country song.

I was just thinking... why couldn't a computer's internal memory be flash memory? I mean, you can get a 1 GB flash drive for well under $50 now, but getting 1 GB of the DDR RAM chips my computer uses is a much more expensive order. The average price for a 512MB chip is around $65, meaning that upgrading my memory to the 1GB level is going to run around $130--and that's the maximum my computer can have. So a motherboard that could take USB flash drives for its physical memory would be easier and cheaper to upgrade.

I was just thinking... about those times when, for a quick snack, I'd take a slice of Best's Kosher Beef Salami (or Bologna), put it on a slice of bread, put that in the microwave and cook it for 20 seconds. My brother Sander didn't like when I did that because of how the meat would change while being cooked (he once told me it looked "convoluted" and since then, I've called the snack my "Convoluted Salami Half-Sandwich"). (I should note, also, that I would never do this with Oscar Mayer bologna--only Kosher brands like Best's and Hebrew National will do.)

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