Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 2, Number 37: It's (Expletive) Rangusten, You (Expletive) Idiot

(Note: I originally posted this to my Yahoo! GeoCities blog in November 2007.)

This weekend, I was having some fun with that new AT&T web site, www.attwheredoyoulive.com (update 1-5-2010: this web site is no longer functional). Not with city or state names--you could put in the names of three different states or cities and the web site would blend them into one--but with words.

As you know from previous blog entries, I watch Kitchen Nightmares, Fox's second US adaptation of a Gordon Ramsay series. And the episodes I've enjoyed the most, by far, have been the ones with the filthiest kitchens--Dillon's (now Purnima) in Manhattan and the Seascape Inn in Islip, NY. So I typed in three words that he used during the course of filming those episodes--rancid, disgusting and rotten. And thus, with the help of that AT&T web site, I have come up with the newest word in the English language:

Rangusten [adj.] (rān'gŭst'tun) - Rank, unpleasant, causing disgust, revolting and putrid. Ex.: "My lunch at the Seascape Inn was the most (expletive) rangusten dining experience I have ever (expletive) had."

(That's ran for rancid, gus as in disgusting, and ten from rotten.)

I tried using dirty words on that same web site, and got this:

I've also been watching what I can find of Ramsay's UK series, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, on YouTube. Here's a quote from Ramsay that I found particularly funny:

"Quite frankly, it's clearly a really fraudulent imitation of 1970s Italian crap, because when you walk into a kitchen and spot a bottle of Lazy Lemon, it means Lazy Bastard, nothing more." - Ramsay on his initial experience at La Lanterna, an Italian-style restaurant he visited in Letchworth, a city twenty miles north of London, in 2005

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