Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 1, Number 9: Speaking of Everything

(Note: Here's another blog entry that I originally published on Yahoo! GeoCities in 2006, and have had to re-post here because Yahoo!'s blog service sucks.)

News: Elections are coming up in a little less than three weeks. I plan on voting for mostly Democratic candidates (with the possible exception of Secretary of State, because I don't even know who's running against Terri Lynn Land), and will vote no on Proposals 2 and 5. The GOP continues to be a party that continues to care more about Big Business than about the Middle Class or the Individual.

Sports: The Tigers have had me going, "Holy crap!" since April, and they just haven't stopped. I have to admit, I thought they had run out of gas after losing three straight to Kansas City to end the season, then losing in lackluster style against the New York Yankees to open the postseason. But since then, seven straight wins, and to top it off, a walk-off 3-run homer the likes of which Tiger fans have not cheered since Kirk Gibson's 3-run blast off Goose Gossage in Game 5 of the '84 World Series... and son of a gun, the Tigers that lost 119 games in 2003 are your American League Champions for 2006. A special salute is due for those members of the 2006 team who had to endure all that losing as members of the 2003 roster. In football... the Lions are 1-5, but the real story about football in Detroit is my Detroit Renaissance, which has started 6-0. T.O. a distraction? Reggie Bush off to a slow start? Never mind them, as long as Donovan McNabb and my defenses keep producing like they have.

Entertainment: The only new show on TV that I've been watching on a regular basis has been "Heroes," the NBC show about several people that discover that they have special powers. For the most part, it's a good show, although they are many contrivances already (e.g. the comic book artist keeps having visions involving the other "heroes," and they are all the result of some genetic manipulation by this guy who just bloody happens to be the father of that cheerleader who heals quickly), and I would have preferred something with a more realistic storyline over one that tests my ability to suspend my disbelief. Aside from that, I continue to watch "Doctor Who" (both Sci-Fi and CBC are airing the 2006 season with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor) and "Seconds from Disaster" (the National Geographic Channel series that offers up forensic analyses on various disasters, complete with sophisticated 3-D recreations). I gave up on "Lost" a long time ago (around the time they found that hatch and blew it open). Kiersten Warren's appearances on "Desperate Housewives" have sparked my interest in that show (I liked her in "Maximum Bob," a short-lived ABC series from about 1996).

Bargain hunting: The fall rummage sale season's been very good to me. I spent $1 on a bag of rummage consisting of mostly books and CDs (Embury United Methodist Church), and I've been able to sell one book and one CD from that haul so far for a total of $4. Newburg United Methodist Church wasn't a terribly good haul at first--$1.70 for another CD, a belt and a book of Bloom County comic strips--but I've since sold the CD for another $9. I was at Detroit Catholic Central High's annual rummage sale in Novi, and spent $7 on a few shirts and a pair of pants. And just last night, I was at the First United Methodist Church of Birmingham, where I nabbed a multi-handset phone system and three more shirts for $10.75. So far, then, I've gotten six shirts, a pair of pants, the belt, the expandable 2.4GHz cordless phone and that Bloom County book for $7.45. Not too shabby--and I'm not done. I'll be heading over to Birmingham Temple in Farmington Hills tonight for yet another rummage sale.

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