Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 1, Number 5: Back to Work

(Note: I originally posted this in 2006 on a blog I created on GeoCities that same year. Yahoo! shut down GeoCities last year.)

I realize I haven't put in an entry in a long time, but the main reason was that last month, I had to dedicate more time to an unplanned, unexpected job search. That search is over now, and none too soon, and I'm now working at Grainger, an industrial supply company. I started working at Grainger's branch office in Dearborn on August 10.

My cubicle is, slowly but surely, transforming from the empty cubicle I had when I started to one that can be more easily identified as mine. I've tacked a few things to my bulletin board: a calendar, a copy of a Michigan "block M" artwork I saw in a mailing some 10 years ago, and a cartoon of what looks like an angry-looking Calvin from "Calvin & Hobbes" with these words next to it: "God put me on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind I will never die." I also have a WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not World Wrestling Federation) calendar.

I also have met a couple of employees that used to work with another industrial supply company, J&L Industrial Supply (where I had worked for six weeks in 2005). I mentioned the names of a couple of buyers in the Purchasing department over there, and they recognized both names.

The highlight of this past weekend: Last night, I was watching a documentary on TLC about United Airlines Flight 175 (the flight that crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center as millions of people watched in horror on live television), and two different In The Nursery songs were used as background music in that documentary. One song in particular, "New Religion," is my all-time favorite ITN song, and a portion of it (with a pounding beat and military snare drums) was used as two fighter jets were scrambled in the failed attempt to intercept American Airlines Flight 11. (Click here for a 30-second "preview clip" of this song.) I e-mailed ITN after the show was over, and Nigel Humberstone's (one of the two brothers that are the backbone of ITN) response is that it was news to him and that he would contact ITN's film rep in LA to check this out. Maybe they'll end up getting some royalties that they otherwise would not get. If so, it'll be so cool because it'll show that I'm not just some "run of the mill" fan.

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