Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 2, Number 31: The Anti-Applied Card Bank Movement

(Note: This is a re-posting of an entry I made on September 25, 2007 on my Yahoo! GeoCities blog.)

There's a credit card bank out there called Applied Card Bank. They are the lowest form of "predatory lending"--they must get a lot of business from extremely stupid people, because with the terms they offer, they shouldn't be getting any customers at all.

If ever you get a mailing from them, or a mailing from any credit card company that offers terms like those shown in the picture, I want you to do two things:
  • Don't apply for the bleeping card. Ever. If you don't believe me, read the fine print (see the illustration below).
  • Send something nasty back to them using the postage-paid envelope they supply to you--the copy of the disclosure with all sorts of graffiti on it, or a letter with a picture of Vince McMahon yelling into his mike, "Applied Card Bank, screw you, you're fired!"
I used to do send the "Vince McMahon letter," but after sending 3 or 4 of those, it became clear that I was wasting printer ink, and you know how outrageous the price of printer ink is (it makes gasoline seem cheap in comparison). So this time, I just clipped some letters from a magazine and taped them onto the disclosure (as shown above).

Update on ZingoTel: Their days are numbered. I switch to WideOpenWest (aka WOW!) on October 8. WOW! had a sweet package deal going on anyway--for just $4 more versus adding the phone service only, I also get a faster Internet download speed (6Mbps, triple what I have now), 45 channels of CD-quality music, access to Video OnDemand, and more. Besides, ZingoTel was giving me more trouble than it was worth--disrupted Internet connections, the caller ID service was giving me the name/namber of the previous caller rather than the one calling me at the moment, and that's on top of the troubles I mentioned earlier this year.

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