Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 2, Number 35: Undiscovered Rooms

(Note: I originally posted this to my Yahoo! GeoCities blog on October 26, 2007.)

Have you ever had a dream where you discovered secret passageways to previously unknown rooms in your house?

I keep having this dream--last night, I discovered a second kitchen; another time, I found a finished upper floor (but it was tough to get into, kind of like the seventh-and-a-half floor in Being John Malkovich); I've also had a similar dream in which I found a large basement (12 feet high, with a couple of beds on eight-foot-hight lofts).

What's really weird was, in this dream, the second kitchen actually belongs to my next-door neighbors, who would tell me I can use it whenever I need to, and wonder why the heck I keep using the crappy kitchen I have when theirs is (for whatever reason) hardly ever used. So I feel guilty about being in that second kitchen at all, even though heaven knows, the fridge in the "second kitchen" is 20-25 years newer than the Energy Hog presently occupying my own (real) kitchen.

On top of that, when I was around 7 years old, I once imagined that my bedroom closet concealed a secret entrance to an equally secret laboratory. (Around that time, I had ideas about wanting to be a mad scientist when I grew up.)

All analyses and/or interpretations, Freudian or otherwise, are welcome.

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