Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 2, Number 32: Smackdown Unlimited

(Note: I originally posted this entry in late September 2007 to my Yahoo! GeoCities blog.)

At long last, I have finally won a rotisserie baseball title! In the CyberLeague of United Teams, the 20-team league I've been in for 12 years, my team, called Smackdown Unlimited, beat out the Junk Mules (the second-place team) by 12 points. No, nobody's dumped a bottle of Yoo-Hoo on my head, but this victory more than takes away the sting from 5 years ago (when I was leading by 20 points for the Homer Bush combined title with two weeks to go, and that lead evaporated). It's also the first title I've won in any sport since 2004 (which was when I won my first fantasy football championship).

I'd give you a link to the league's web page, but it's a CBS SportsLine page which requires a login ID and password (I don't know why they can't have a version of the page for non-SportsLine users to access). So you'll just have to make do with a link to the news article I wrote on the subject.

It's also the most meaningful title I've won because I had been in the league for so long. Four of the other five titles I've won aren't as meaningful anymore because the companies that ran those leagues are out of business.

In other news: One night, while watching The Daily Show, I remembered that in 1987, Fox did this show called The Wilton North Report that I never got to see. I always wondered what I had missed because that show was supposed to be similar to what The Daily Show is--a satire of news and current events--and I like satire. So I wondered, what was the difference between The Daily Show (a successful Comedy Central news satire series) and The Wilton North Report (which only lasted four weeks)? First thing: Look it up on WikiPedia. Nope, nothing there. After some digging around on the Internet, I found out: The Wilton North Report had two idiot hosts who refused to work with the writers and producers. Also, the producer nixed the news satire element from the show a week before the show was to debut, so if I had seen the show, I would have been disappointed to not even see a segment dedicated to news satire--much less a whole show. Anyway, in case anyone ever wanted to read about The Wilton North Report, I decided to share the results of my digging around by posting an article on WikiPedia about that turkey of a show.

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