Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Volume 2, Number 40: Quick Updates

(Note: This is a re-posting of an entry I made in late November/early December 2007 on my Yahoo! GeoCities blog.)

Following are updates on a few old blog entries:

Update on Volume 2, Number 17 (The Death of Farmer Jack): At the end of that entry, I lamented how a number of Michigan-based businesses were being taken over or supplanted by out-of-state companies. It just occurred to me, I forgot to mention the banks. Around twenty years ago, the biggest banks in Michigan were based in Michigan, but today, that's no longer the case:
  • Until quite recently, Comerica had always been based in Detroit, and in fact began its existence as the Detroit Savings Fund Institute in 1849, according to Wikipedia. Earlier this year, it moved its headquarters to Dallas.
  • National Bank of Detroit (merged with First National Bank of Chicago in the mid-'90s; Bank One marged with First Chicago-NBD around 1998, and Chase bought Bank One in 2005)
  • Standard Federal Bank (now LaSalle Bank, will be Bank of America in 2008)
  • Michigan National Bank (now LaSalle Bank, will be Bank of America in 2008)
  • First of America (this was based in Kalamazoo; in 1997, National City Bank, based in Cleveland, merged with them, and all branches now carry the National City name)
  • First Federal of Michigan (now called Charter One--that's my bank. Charter One is owned by Citizens Bank, which is based in Providence, Rhode Island)

Update on Volume 2, Number 25 (The Case of the Unknown Supermarket Web Site): True to their word, in August, Ferndale Foods started putting their weekly sale ad up on their web site, so now I check it every week and have even made a few trips.

Update on Volume 2, Number 29 (Just Cook This): I finally tried the chimichito recipe (only, I did an extremely simplified version: Cook a chicken breast on my George Foreman grill, shred it up, mix in roughly one cup of salsa, put the chicken-salsa mixture into three flour tortillas, coat the tortillas with oil, and bake them in my toaster-oven). All in all, it was worthwhile just for the "change of pace" from what I usually do with chicken breasts (which is slice and dice them for use in a Chicken Helper mix).

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