Thursday, January 7, 2010

Volume 3, Number 26: Another Kitchen Nightmares Update

(Note: I originally published this entry on August 31, 2008, to my Yahoo! GeoCities blog.)

Holy crap. It turns out that Gordon Ramsay visited not one, but two Metro Detroit restaurants. In addition to Giuseppi's Trattoria, Gordon also took on Jack's Waterfront Restaurant in Saint Clair Shores (it's near 9 Mile and Jefferson). I should go to both these places before the rest of the country finds out.

Two other restaurants that will be featured in season 2 are:
  • Trobiano's Italian Dining in Great Neck, Long Island, NY
  • Fiesta Sunrise Mexican Restaurant in West Nyack, NY. But according to this message board posting, Gordon didn't get through to the owner of this place.
How'd I find all this out? Fox posted a season preview on YouTube a couple of days ago, and it included a few quick snapshots of various restaurants he visited. (The video has since been removed.)

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