Monday, January 4, 2010

Volume 1, Number 1: What's This All About, Anyway?

(Note: I originally posted this in 2006 on a blog I created on GeoCities that same year. Yahoo! shut down GeoCities last year.)

Well, well... here we are. After reading about the popularity of weblogs (better known by their diminutive, blogs), I thought it was time I did one. I've been keeping a journal since 1999, but I thought sharing my ideas and thoughts would be good for me (the writer) and you (the reader) for the simple reason that sharing them is generally more beneficial than keeping them to myself.

So, what can you expect to read in this blog? A little bit of everything:

•Things that are going on in my life (personal events, occasionally touching on local, national and world news as it relates to me)

•Sports (mainly baseball and football, plus how my fantasy sports teams are doing)

•My hobbies (fantasy sports, graphic arts, and brainstorming for ideas for imaginary TV series, like the one about a newspaper columnist trapped in a strange parallel universe)

•Personal picks and preferences (mainly music, TV, movies, Web sites)

•Peeves and put-offs (greed, smoking, beer, George W. Bush)

•News stories that are weird, shocking and/or involve idiots

•Vignettes from various times in my past

A quick intro to me: My name is Mark Rabinowitz, I'm 33 and I live on my own in a suburb of Detroit. My core values are fairness, self-reliance, thriftiness and moderation (the last one just means I would prefer that people try not to grab everything they want at once). I work at an automotive supplier in Northville called ZF Technologies, and there are plenty of people I enjoy working with over there. I've been there since April 2005. My only peeve with the job is the drive (28 miles there and back, and there's construction on the route that makes it even less bearable). I've included a picture of what I look like today (yes, I know I could stand to lose a little weight).

What's the best thing that' s happened to me so far this year? Back on January 29, my washing machine went on the blink and it looked like I'd have to get a new one. A couple of people I spoke to said it was the transmission. Not so--after figuring I'd have nothing to lose by taking the machine apart, I found a web site that told me exactly what the problem was--a couple of plastic parts and a rubber part that are collectively called "the motor to transmission coupling." To make a long story short, I replaced the coupling successfully and that saved me $276.

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